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Welcome to Covenant Media's Revision 7 Study-guide.

If you have ever wanted to learn the truth about the true Biblical Calendar, the one that Abraham, Issac and Jacob observed you are in the right place. Alohym's true cycles of time i.e. calendar was not created by the hands of man unlike the Gregorian and Jews religious calendars of today. There are many other religious calendars that people observe but all these are creations of man, so are you worshiping creation or the Creator?

Download our free study guide and find out the truth of just when the day starts, what men authorized the change in the Jews calendar, what books were removed from the cannon and why. These are just a few of the subjects researched and brought to lite. Did you know that out Messiah didn't die at 3pm in the afternoon. Dig in brethren and learn the truth of the matter. (Click on the Title and download your Free Study Guide)

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