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The Great Sabbath Convergence

On March 17th, 2018 for the first time in 19 years we will see the convergence of two great Sabbaths days, one ruled by the Sun and Stars, and the other ruled by the [GC] Gregorian calendar. The calendar ruled by the Sun and Stars begin its day at the evening before sunrise. The one ruled by the [GC] Gregorian calendar starts its day beginning at sunset evening and because of its added extra 365th day the weeks float in a 7 year cycle. Now there are other Sabbath keeping groups that begin their calendar year starting from the Spring Equinox but whatever day they begin their calendar year they still observe the Gregorian Saturday Sabbath. Now regardless of their individual calendar understanding, the great Sabbath day convergence occurred on Saturday March 17th 2018.

So now that you know that bit of information what does that really mean to you? If you haven’t read the article, Rev 12; “A new Spiritual Awakening” please do so as reading this follow up article will give you a little more insight as to what is being presented here.

Grafting into Messiah's Vine.

Question; If the Word of Alohym is true and accurate throughout all "inspired" scripture then calendar dates provided in those writings would match exactly with His cycles of Time. This argued topic has kept Alohym's people around the world from having a relationship with our Father in Heaven as stated in Daniel 7:25, which states "

"And he shall speak words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to alter stated times, and they shall be given into his hand until a season and seasons and the dividing of seasons"

It is now time for the Body of Messiah to come together in one understanding (a.) take back what has been stolen from us (b.) leaving behind the Doctrine of men and (c.) and realize that new foundational knowledge is needed in bringing Messiah's ecclesia together around the world. This argued topic has been searched out through scientific, canon and non-canonical scripture, the Tanakh, the dead sea scrolls, The Books of Enoch, Jubilees and Jasher (Upright) and the ancient Ethiopian Ge'ez scriptural text.

Getting to the truth of the matter, time is running short. Now is the time to act and sow the seeds of truth and revelation through education that all followers can make an informed decision and hopefully land on fertile soil. Our Messiah said "he who has an ear let him hear" but be careful and search out what you hear, be berean Acts 17:11.

Revelation 12: A new Spiritual Awakening

Are you aware of the Revelation 12 sign that occurred on September 23/24, 2017? This heavenly sign did not fall on any religious or man made calendar in use today, but it did line up with Alohym's true cycles of time. According to scripture under Alohym's true cycles September 23rd and 24th is the day of Atonement.

This all important day has great significance to the ecclesia and it's new spiritual awakening. Not only does this heavenly sign parallel our Messiah's account after His baptism and wilderness experience but it gives us the key missing information in finding our Messiah's birth and beginning date of His ministry. (Click on the Title to download the Article)

This new updated article now includes the Daniel 9 prophecy which proves the fact that our Messiah's ministry was 3.5 years or 1260 days. This article gives scriptural and graphic reference in understanding the perfection of Daniels vision. Enjoy

The Equinox; the elaborate Misunderstanding - Updated

Is the Spring Equinox truly the day our Creator instituted at the beginning of His calendar? You might be surprised to read that the Equinox has nothing to do with our Creators cycles of time. Did you know that the Precession of the Equinoxes were discovered by the Greek mathematician Hipparchus in 127 B.C.E. Here again we see the influence of man replacing Alohym's word in other words following creation instead of the Creator. Do you want to know more, click and read more!

Note: This article has been updated with additional time charts for the months of March and September 2018. These charts will help in one's understanding of the beginning and ending of the seasonal hourly shifts.